Along the coastline of Campania region, right behind Sorrento Peninsula towards south, stands the Amalfi Coast.
Typical of this area are the calcareous rocks, perpendicular to the deep blue sea, with a different sight at each bend.
Positano is one of these typical village which are along the coast which slopes down to the sandy beaches underneath.
The village seems standing on the rocks, the buildings are on each terrace.
Positano starts from mount Sant'Angelo sui tre Pizzi and from the hug of rocks behind it which creates the image of a shell.
The houses here have facades with long terraces and dome like roofs.
The major industry in Positano is tourism, but it is worth mention also Positano fashion style of linen dresses and hand made sandals.
The village was well known even by Emperor Tiberius who already have a villa in Capri and it is told that he came to Positano to buy the flour at the mills, that nowadays are in the Piazza of the Mills and the volcanic materials of 79 a. C. eruption flew here too.
Positano survived in the shadow of Amalfi and its economy was based on fishing and towards the end of XIX century half of the population migrated to America for better work conditions.
But if Positano is a chic tourist resort in modern times it is thanks to the American writer John Steinbeck who wrote about its beauty in the Harper's Bazaar in 1953.
The local church is devoted to Santa Maria of the Assumption, celebrated on August 15th.
In the distance the maiolica dome is visible and inside there is the statue of the Madonna dressed in black of the Byzantine period.
It is told that this statue was stolen by pirates and suddenly a storm began when the pirates heard a voice telling them 'Posa, posa!' ('Leave it!').
They threw the statue in the sea and the storm disappeared.
Maybe this legend gave the origin of the word Positano, even if further interpretations prefer to resemble the name Positano to that of the god Poseidon.

How to reach Positano:

By car - follow the road to Sant'Agata, then take direction Positano, You have to drive for about 20 minutes on the beautiful Amalfi Coast to arrive in Positano.

By Bus - with the local bus company Sita, from Sorrento, MassaLubrense e Sant'Agata. At the reception You will find the timetable.
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