The most crowded island and the hot spot of the Gulf of Naples is Capri, an everlasting tourist tradition which dates back to Roman times, where Emperor Tiberius had Villa Jovis built on the island. Capri is 3 square km wide and the highest mount is Mount Solaro, then there are some rocky hills and an indented coastline perpendicular to the sea with plenty of inlets and grottos of enchanting colours. Close to Capri there two rocks, the Faraglioni rocks, which are a suggestive view of the island. On these rocks there is a lizard which has taken the same colour of the blue of the sea. It is thought that the island was part of the land in the past and this theory is confirmed by the geological likeness and the discovery of some archaeological ruins. The island of Capri has got two municipalities: Capri, which is the first part reached by the hydrofoil coming from Naples, Sorrento and surrounding areas, and Anacapri, which is located on the very top of the island. A visit on the island include the Carthusian monastery of San Giacomo, Augustus Gardens, Villa Jovis, Tiberius viewpoint, Villa San Michele, the piazzetta with the Tower Bell and the Church of San Michele. The church dates back to eighteenth century and it has got a wonderful majolica representation of Adam and Even in Paradise. The typical means of transportation in Capri are the cabs or the cable chair. A boat tour cannot be missed! It takes tourists to the Faraglioni Rocks, to the Blue Grotto and to all the natural inlets of the coast such as the Natural Arch, the White Grotto, the Red Grotto, the Green Grotto, the grotto of the Saints, the grotto of the Charter house, of the viewpoint and of the Arsenal. The Blue Grotto is world known, you can get inside by small boats from a narrow entrance only in case of low tide and it is possible to visit only the main cave. The grotto expands in all directions and there are inlets which take to the same point called the Cave of the Pillars.

How to reach Capri:

From Marina del Cantone with organized excursions,  with a tour of the island and a five hours stop.

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